Monday, September 17, 2007

Over the River and Through the Woods

Once upon a time, in a land far far away there lived a princess... a very TIRED and stressed out princess who needed a vacation. Not a big vacation, mind you, just enough to recharge her batteries. The Princess was lucky enough to have 3 friends who were similarly exhausted & stressed. What to do, she asked her friends? What can we do in a weekend to relax & forget the world exists? The answer was simple ..... KNIT.
All of them agreed that knitting was indeed the way to go. But just knitting alone couldn't be the entire answer since all of the girls knitted quite alot and kept themselves surrounded by yarny goodness. Lady Kim was even lucky enough to own her very own yarn castle (which, unbelievably so, was the source of some of her exhaustion!). What to do?
Lady Cathy came up with the inspired solution....
knitting retreat....
in the woods .....
with food and drinks....
no men.....
no cell phones......
just glorious knitting, nature and the company of good friends. And she had the perfect place in mind. Her aunt, Lady Jane, lived in such a place .... it indeed sounded like Nirvana....

So off the princess and friends went,
traveling late into the night

Road weary after long travel, finally, they reached their destination ... only one thing stood in the way of warmth, comfort, knitting & sleep....


The Princess was deathly afraid heights as was Lady Heidi. It was dark as dark could be and bridge was slick from the rain. Certain she would meet her death, the Princess nonetheless struck out across the Bridge of Doom, aided by the backwards walking Lady Kim (who didn't appear to be afraid of the Bridge of Doom but was petrified). With everyone safely across, they descended on Lady Jane's castle, nestled in the woods.

That first night they slept, lulled into dreams by the sound of rain on the roof and the comforting noises that only a century old castle can make. They awoke the next morning to find Lady Jane's castle was even more magnificent than they had thought....


The Princess and her friends savored every moment in this wonderful place. She found herself renewed with a fresh energy, even feeling brave enough to traverse the BRIDGE of DOOM for a second time (although truth be told, a trip to a yarn castle was what tempted her), surprising even herself by crossing. Even Lady Heidi crossed with a (semi) smile on her face!

That evening they curled up with their knitting while Lady Cathy flitted in the galley, preparing the evening feast............

Shrimp & Asparagus Risotto

Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Icing

With full stomachs and contented minds, the Princess and her friends knitted into the night....

Lady Kim and her
Vintage Bubble Bag

Lady Jane and her alpaca cable

Lady Cathy and her Socks with Bling Bling

Lady Heidi and Sheldon

The Princess' Neon Storm Sock
(unfortunately the Princess was not
photographed with her sock as she is
the Royal Photographer)

They knitted and laughed, told stories of their Knights (Lady Jane's Knight was in the far away land of Colorado, hunting for elk), their children, their families, their lives. With each stitch they interlaced themselves into each other's lives, forever weaving them together in this moment.

All too soon, it was over. The next morning the Princess and her friends bid adieu to Lady Jane and her brood



Gem & Gabriel

made the final crossing over the Bridge....took their last look....

and headed for home.
Our heartfelt thanks, Lady Jane ..... it was a trip beyond compare. Fair warning... plans for 2008 are already afoot!

***Yes, there WAS indoor plumbing!!