Friday, July 04, 2008

A Diamond in the Rough

I haven't blogged in a long long time quite honestly because I haven't really felt like it (plus Ravelry has sucked my very soul from me). Life has been busy and in my free time I just want to knit & enjoy my life and blogging just hasn't been high on the list of things I've really enjoyed. Sometimes, blogging seemed more of a chore than a joy and more of an intrusion than anything else. I just didn't want let the world in. These past few days, though, really put me in the mood to share.

Hubby & I have been on vacation (sans kidlets) since last week and it's been wonderful - plenty relaxing. Aside from one minor disagreement, we've truly enjoyed each other's company and our time off. We spent a few days in Atlantic City (we lost) & recharged our batteries - it was wonderful. While we were there we celebrated our third anniversary and he completely surprised me with a gorgeous peal & diamond necklace that I don't want to take off. He was incredibly romantic, writing me a beautiful card and giving me little "clues" during the day before finally unveiling the gift on Wednesday afternoon. I was all teary & blubbery like I usually am and completely overwhelmed with love for this wonderful man.

It hasn't always been easy being married (hell, at times it's been downright HARD) but it has always been easy to love him. He makes me laugh, cry, smile & frown - he is a truly wonderful man and I'm so glad I'm his and that he's mine. He's the diamond to my pearl.

I love you honey. Thank you for saying "I do" .