Thursday, May 31, 2007

Baby, I'm A STAR!!

The Felted Starburst Beret is DONE...all stitched, felted and blocked, with hardly any yarn left (I made it by THIS much!). I made this for my much loved, artsy, color loving cousin, Anne. Normally I wouldn't post about a gift but I just couldn't resist with this one. Done in Noro, this was really a happy knit - the color changes just were so gorgeous. They softened up & got even more beautiful once I felted it. I blocked it on, of all things, a dinner plate. The designer even recommends storing on a dinner plate to keep it's shape & I can see why - it's the perfect thing to block it on. Anne will have to wait until I come to visit her in July to get it but somehow I don't think she'll have a need for a wool/mohair felted beret in July, even if she does live in the frozen tundra ;-)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

River Rapids Sox

River Rapids Sox
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...and here they are, in all their glory. I'm so so happy with them - they looked even better in person. Bev really loved them, which the important part.
I also did an eye of partridge heel which looked awesome in this yarn.
(and for those of you counting, this was officially pair #20. I think I may just stop counting now).

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


The River Rapids sox are DONE. It's all over but the blocking ...last one is on the blocker now. Pics to follow.
My hands will NEVER forgive me.
Thankfully, just in time for LOST (if I can even stay awake that long).

And in the most shocking finis of them all .....
Melinda Doolittle is gone from American Idol.
This proves it to me ...the show isn't about talent at all. It's about popularity. Which is even more telling ...
popular doesn't mean good.
It's high school all over again. I should have known better than to watch it again this year. I'm done.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

In a Knit Frenzy

I'm furiously trying to finish Sock Bug's River Rapids Socks in Deep Blue from Lime 'n Violet's old etsy store. Luscious yarn, this ... it fits this pattern so well. Reminds me a lot of home, believe it or not. The colors look a lot like the beaches when I was a teenager & it's a nice feeling, this yarny walk down memory lane. Trying furiously to get these done for the woman who taught me to love knitting socks, Bev Bortner AKA Knitting Guru of my LYS. She's moving clear across the state to Pittsburgh (it might as well be Outer Mongolia **wwaahhh**) and we will miss her terribly. Not only is she a simply amazing knitter, she's a kind warm lady who would give you the socks from her feet. We're having a Bon Voyage type thingy on Thursday night for her. I've finished sock 1 and am beginning the gussets on sock 2 .... I CAN do this. It will mean ...Heaven help me .... not watching American Idol and Deadliest Catch with my undivided attention. However, I do draw the line at LOST...needles on hold tomorrow evening from 10-11 PM ET.

On other news, **MAZEL TOV** to my (blog-less) favorite red head, Sindy Joy, who is the very proud aunt of one Miss Yara Zieser, born last evening. Sindy, forgive me if I've misspelled the little princess' name. I'm all verklempt over a new life. She is a truly a miracle.