Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Redneck Knitting

So this is what I'm working on.....


Yes, it's a camo skullie. It will soon be hunting season in these here parts and I'm trying to get a jump on some items I'm going to put either on etsy or eBay. And for those of you that are sitting back & laughing their tuckuses off (hmm...I wonder if tucki is the plural of tuckus? Bah, never mind, you get the idea) over the idea that I might know ANYTHING about hunting let me just say this.....

I bagged HIM, now didn't I?


Besides, I may not know much about hunting but I DO know fashion. Well, sort of....I know that people that hunt like camo for when they're NOT actively hunting & bright blaze orange for when they ARE hunting (guess which yarn I'm adding to my stash this weekend?!!?)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ahh...Joy In The Morning

It was wonderful getting up before anyone this morning...the house was quiet like it hasn't been since Friday (when both kids came home from their respective trips. We weren't really expecting them until Sunday so it was a bit of a surprise). Just me & my furbabies....
made some coffee, ate a FANTASTIC bun from a European shop/deli that just opened up here (a prepackaged bun at that....yummy all the same!), turned on iTunes, read the news & stitched. It was lovely for about 3 hours...then everyone woke up. It was great while it lasted, though. I wish all my weekends could end like that.
Had a wonderful day yesterday, both in fiber & in my marriage. After getting my nails done (I ADORE acrylic nails. I'm vain...I admit it. Shoot me later), I wandered down to Yarns 'r Us, my LYS. The owner, Kim, is a wonderful lady & runs a great shop. She's been open for about 2 years and has done a wonderful job of keeping as many of her customers happy as she can. She stocks a great variety ...from alpaca to silk to wool to acrylic. She also makes sure to carry lines like Red Heart & Peaches 'n Cream - alot of people wander in just to buy that & wind up leaving with LOTS of other stuff, too.
I had gone in for an extra skein of Noro for a gift that I'm making & we got to talking. Before you know it, I'd sat at her table & we were happily knitting & talking until 3 PM. (FYI, I got there @ 10:30). We had a GREAT time, chatting & talking to customers who wandered in. Kim & I have an idea for a neat set of crocheted slippers w/deerskin soles from a pattern/photo she found in a book from the 40's. The directions are clear as mud so I'm working on the crochet portion of the pattern. Kim is working on the sole. Hopefully I'll have something ready for Thursday's Knit In. Go me!!
While I was there hubby called & we had the invariably routine dinner chat. Instead of the usual "what do you want? I don't care. What do YOU want? I don't care-let's have pizza", hubby surprised me with "I'm taking you out." At those words it was "bye Kim, gotta go."
Not only were we going out to eat, it was my choice. I happen to LOVE Red Lobster (yes, I know it's a chain but OMG is it a GOOD chain!) so that's where we went ...after that it was off to play Bingo. We had a great night, got to spend some wonderful quality time together (much needed quality time) & ate some good food. All in all, it was a great day, from beginning to end. :-)

Dogosaurus Rex

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OMG, is this not THE cutest dog sweater pattern evah?!? I am thinking of doing this for Sava, my sis's Lhasa Apso, in yellow & purple. I think she'll be adorable in it!

I could also size it up & make it Boxer-size for a certain cousin's furbaby. Methinks this one befits an Ogre the best :-)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Brush With Greatness

Not only am I a happy knitter but I'm also a happy blogger .... I've got comments...from people other than my family....and both of them are of knitting fame....I'm all aquiver :-)

First, Miss Lime (of the infamous Lime 'n Violet) graciously commented on the loss of my Simba and then Ellen of Knit Sisters commented on my doggie oral post.
I feel so....well, I feel so cool (and the first one of my sisters that calls me a pathetic loser is gonna get a Knit Picks in the eye). Thank you ladies - I haven't felt this cool since high school (and the first one of my sisters who tells anyone how UNcool I was in high school gets nada for Christmas. Keep in mind I can knit cool shit now, like those AWESOME PATRIOTIC FOOTIES).
Like I've mentioned in a previous post, I'm truly non violent. I swear. I'll kick yo' ass if ya' don't believe me.

The Needles Are Here! The Needles Are Here!

My size 2 circs arrived today! (OK, so hubby picked them up for me...they didn't exactly ARRIVE) I can finish my footie....happy knitter am I :-)



Monday, August 14, 2006

My Sister Gets Oral from the Dog

(Oh my Gawd will I get traffic over THAT title!)
My sister is a half a whack job. She loves my Oskar. Apparently, he loves her back.


In a Snit & Can't Knit ....

...can't knit what I want, that is. Remember those awesome little patriotic footies I was working on? Well, I finally finished the one (pic to follow later) & I wanted to start the other one...testing my socks on circulars mad skillz. The Susan Bates size 2 circulars I was using were ferkockteh (and for those of you who don't know Yiddish, that basically means they sucked monkey balls big time) -the joins were AWFUL & my gawgeous "1776" kept getting hung up on them. So, I did what any self respecting knitter would do....
I ordered a pair of them from Knit Picks. Those nice pointy slippery shiny nickel circulars that I'm currently in lust with. The order was shipped 08/10/2006 which means they should be here by now (did I mention that Knit Picks has lightning fast shipping???).....since we live in BUMBLEFUCK Pennsylvania & our post office doesn't deliver the mail (we don't have SIDEWALKS here ), we have to pick up all of our mail @ the Post Office. The lobby is open 24 hours but for any packages pick up is between 8:30 AM & 4:00 PM & Saturdays 8:30-11:00. I a real job...from 8-4:30. When the hell am I supposed to pick up my mail?!?!?!?! Don't these people know I NEED TO KNIT MY DAMN FOOTIE!?!?!?!!
ok...rant over....hubby is going to get them for me tomorrow morning when he gets home from work. If it weren't illegal to threaten a US Postal worker I'd tell him to stab them with the needles. I'm non violent though. Really, I am.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Yarn Porn!!!!

I REFUSE to go on a yarn diet. Its bad enough that I have to watch what I eat but I am so NOT going to limit my yarn intake. I'll go nuts & need Haldol if I do......
First up, some yummy Egyptian Cotton. I'm thinking Clapotis for this one but I'm not sure...note my swatch...and yes, it feels as good as it looks:


Some gawgeous Venezia from Lang...the picture doesn't do this color justice. It's a soft pink, like the center of cotton candy.....


Glitter Alpaca from Cherry Hill...not sure what I want to do with this but am tossing around either a lightweight scarf or maybe ...just maybe...socks.


Noro! Wooo Hoo! Lawdy, I love me some Noro! These colors are more amazing in person. This is earmarked for a gift for a family member ... not telling who or what but I'm sensing a modular scarf (maybe Edgar from Knitty?)


and here it is all in one place...notice everyone touching & feeling all the yummy yarn. Everyone that is, except my hubby, who is giving me the finger. What a manpig, that husband of mine.....


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Knit....Knit Like The Wind

I got the new Knitpicks Options Needles. Oh. My. God. They are AMAZING. They have all of the advantages of the Addi Turbos but with mucho pointiness (Addi's are just too stumpy for me). The set is only $60 & with free shipping over $40, it was well worth the money (Addi's don't make an interchangeable set as far as I know & with one pair of Addi's retailing for around $16, the KnitPicks was the better option).




I cast on a sweater for Mom right away & it really flies on these needles:


Ignore my many's my first sweater. I think she's going to love it.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again

After a long hiatus in which I had the energy of a turtle on heroin, I'm finally posting again. Losing Simba took the breath out of my soul & it was hard for me to form words for a while. I miss his little nose every day but I know he's where he's meant to be now.

Knitting has been my solace since June 27th. Knitting & listening to Lime 'n Violet and the Mother Superior of Knitting Podcasts, Brenda Dayne. After dinner every night I've been plugging in to listen to past episodes & knit. Just mindless knitting over & over again. I've gotten over the whole combined knitting thing that I was doing (which will make things easier for me I think) and have learned how to make hats. Here's 2 that I made for the Caps to Capitol campaign:


It's been my therapy, my sanity.....thank God for the soul healing properties of the needles.