Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dogosaurus Rex

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OMG, is this not THE cutest dog sweater pattern evah?!? I am thinking of doing this for Sava, my sis's Lhasa Apso, in yellow & purple. I think she'll be adorable in it!

I could also size it up & make it Boxer-size for a certain cousin's furbaby. Methinks this one befits an Ogre the best :-)


Anne said...

N.B. "Dad" won't let the Ogre get dressed up; he kept on just saying "no" all the time lol!

helen said...

If anyone still looks at this, its July 2008 and I REALLY WANT TO KNIT THIS PATTERN FOR A SCHNAUZER I KNOW!! I cant find the booklet anywhere cos i think its out of print. If anyone wants to help a knitting cause, i would be sooo grateful for a copy, either scanned in or by post. Contact PLEASE???????