Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ahh...Joy In The Morning

It was wonderful getting up before anyone this morning...the house was quiet like it hasn't been since Friday (when both kids came home from their respective trips. We weren't really expecting them until Sunday so it was a bit of a surprise). Just me & my furbabies....
made some coffee, ate a FANTASTIC bun from a European shop/deli that just opened up here (a prepackaged bun at that....yummy all the same!), turned on iTunes, read the news & stitched. It was lovely for about 3 hours...then everyone woke up. It was great while it lasted, though. I wish all my weekends could end like that.
Had a wonderful day yesterday, both in fiber & in my marriage. After getting my nails done (I ADORE acrylic nails. I'm vain...I admit it. Shoot me later), I wandered down to Yarns 'r Us, my LYS. The owner, Kim, is a wonderful lady & runs a great shop. She's been open for about 2 years and has done a wonderful job of keeping as many of her customers happy as she can. She stocks a great variety ...from alpaca to silk to wool to acrylic. She also makes sure to carry lines like Red Heart & Peaches 'n Cream - alot of people wander in just to buy that & wind up leaving with LOTS of other stuff, too.
I had gone in for an extra skein of Noro for a gift that I'm making & we got to talking. Before you know it, I'd sat at her table & we were happily knitting & talking until 3 PM. (FYI, I got there @ 10:30). We had a GREAT time, chatting & talking to customers who wandered in. Kim & I have an idea for a neat set of crocheted slippers w/deerskin soles from a pattern/photo she found in a book from the 40's. The directions are clear as mud so I'm working on the crochet portion of the pattern. Kim is working on the sole. Hopefully I'll have something ready for Thursday's Knit In. Go me!!
While I was there hubby called & we had the invariably routine dinner chat. Instead of the usual "what do you want? I don't care. What do YOU want? I don't care-let's have pizza", hubby surprised me with "I'm taking you out." At those words it was "bye Kim, gotta go."
Not only were we going out to eat, it was my choice. I happen to LOVE Red Lobster (yes, I know it's a chain but OMG is it a GOOD chain!) so that's where we went ...after that it was off to play Bingo. We had a great night, got to spend some wonderful quality time together (much needed quality time) & ate some good food. All in all, it was a great day, from beginning to end. :-)


Sarah said...

Deerskin soles, huh? Do you have to go out and bag your own deer? That could be a pattern-stopper for me right there!
Hey, thanks for your comment on KnitSisters. I really, really wanted one of those funnel cakes, but I really didn't have any money, plus I would have gotten "The Look" from my husband. (You know, the one that says, "Are you really going to eat that giant plate full of grease?")

Jennie said...

Donna - Thank you so much for your kind words about Fargo. We miss him terribly. It is a comfort to have so many people who understand how we feel. - Jennie

Miss Lime said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I love getting caught up with relaxing in a yarn store with good company and a good project to work on.

Thanks for the great post about digging your circs out of your purse! Miss V and I laughed so hard about that..."stick 'em up or I'll knit you some jaywalkers!" I love it! :)

Miss Lime