Monday, August 07, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again

After a long hiatus in which I had the energy of a turtle on heroin, I'm finally posting again. Losing Simba took the breath out of my soul & it was hard for me to form words for a while. I miss his little nose every day but I know he's where he's meant to be now.

Knitting has been my solace since June 27th. Knitting & listening to Lime 'n Violet and the Mother Superior of Knitting Podcasts, Brenda Dayne. After dinner every night I've been plugging in to listen to past episodes & knit. Just mindless knitting over & over again. I've gotten over the whole combined knitting thing that I was doing (which will make things easier for me I think) and have learned how to make hats. Here's 2 that I made for the Caps to Capitol campaign:


It's been my therapy, my sanity.....thank God for the soul healing properties of the needles.

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