Friday, April 28, 2006

Purple Purple Purple

My very first official knitted thing....a scarf. I'm so proud. I did it all in garter stitch - one strand of Paton's Merino in That's Purple and one strand of Lion Brand's Colorwaves in Purple Vista. I used a size 13 needle & it really made a nice open stitch. The combination of the yarns really resulted in a super soft & squishy scarf. I sent it to my Crochetville Secret Pal, Kelle. Even though the edges were a little wonky, she said she liked it. I'm kinda proud of myself ...I actually made something :-)

Friday, April 21, 2006

Fiber Boobage Continued

Yes, ladies & gentleman, it's a boob hat. And yes, that is my hubby, Breast Man. I made hats for hubby, my BIL's & FIL this Christmas & they were a hit. You'll notice all of the men have their tongues hanging out...they were all trying to lick the boob hat (although I have to admit that may have been my fault. I gave it to him with a tag that read "Got Milk?") And, once again, hubby is stroking the fiber nipple.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Husband the Breast Man

OK, so I know it's little bit past Christmas but I just came across this pic of one of hubby's Christmas gifts tonight. My wonderful husband has this thing for boobs. Big, small, droopy, perky - he likes them all (well, I think he'd rather go with the bigguns if given the choice but really, to him, a boob is a boob is a boob). So, for those times when my boobs & I could not be there for him, I made him the next best thing....something to rest his lil head on. I give you.....the Boobie Pillow. Please note that his finger is ever so gracefully stroking the nipple. I love my hubby, the manpig.

Crochetville Secret Pal-REVEALED

I had the BEST time w/this whole Secret Pal thing over @ Crochetville. Courtney AKA xmaystarx had me -I got the greatest things from her .... notice the pack of knitting needles is missing a pair-that's because I started using them right away. She was a great Secret Pal-it's funny how a simple thing like a little ecard from someone you don't know can make your day. Courtney, thank you so much!