Friday, April 28, 2006

Purple Purple Purple

My very first official knitted thing....a scarf. I'm so proud. I did it all in garter stitch - one strand of Paton's Merino in That's Purple and one strand of Lion Brand's Colorwaves in Purple Vista. I used a size 13 needle & it really made a nice open stitch. The combination of the yarns really resulted in a super soft & squishy scarf. I sent it to my Crochetville Secret Pal, Kelle. Even though the edges were a little wonky, she said she liked it. I'm kinda proud of myself ...I actually made something :-)


Anonymous said...

I still see no wonki-ness to the edges! And it is beautiful! I can't wait for it to get cold again so I can wear it again!

Thank you and hope you're having a good day!


Donna said...

It just goes to show you what a horrid blogger I've been...this is the 1st time I've seen your comment. 30 lashes, wet noodle...ME. I'm so glad you like the scarf, Kelle....I had a fabulous time making it!