Thursday, May 31, 2007

Baby, I'm A STAR!!

The Felted Starburst Beret is DONE...all stitched, felted and blocked, with hardly any yarn left (I made it by THIS much!). I made this for my much loved, artsy, color loving cousin, Anne. Normally I wouldn't post about a gift but I just couldn't resist with this one. Done in Noro, this was really a happy knit - the color changes just were so gorgeous. They softened up & got even more beautiful once I felted it. I blocked it on, of all things, a dinner plate. The designer even recommends storing on a dinner plate to keep it's shape & I can see why - it's the perfect thing to block it on. Anne will have to wait until I come to visit her in July to get it but somehow I don't think she'll have a need for a wool/mohair felted beret in July, even if she does live in the frozen tundra ;-)


Anne said...

Dear Donna:
I am amazed at your talent and humbled that you want to give such a generous gift to me. I don't have enough words to say thank you!
Love your cuz' in the frozen tundra!

Wendy said...

The felted starburst beret is gorgeous!