Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tired Is As Tired Does

God DAMN am I tired. Work is kicking my ass up one road & down the other ... the house is driving me crazy (if ONE more person leaves their socks, underwear, hoodie or any other clothing item in the middle of my fucking living room floor one more time I swear I WILL go fucking postal) ... and worrying about my Peep is becoming a full time job. For those not in the know, here's the quick & dirty on my Peep:
Diagnosed with MS several years ago after getting tested for everything under the sun. She has constant pain in her legs, back & hands. Her mobility has decompensated over the past few years & is now using a cane (she used to be a POWER WALKER people - she walked faster than my 11 year old stepson RUNS); doc now says a wheelchair is in her future. Her reflexes now suck & driving is becoming impaired; doc reports her to the state for her own protection; state orders hand controls in the car (narrowly avoiding losing her license & last grip on independence). Spasticity in her arms & legs is becoming a bigger problem & a Baclofen pump is looming in the horizon as a potential treatment. She's tired all the time but still maintains an amazing attitude. She's not take ONE SICK day since diagnosis. Not ONE. I worry about her all the time. Hubby says not to but ...it's not his fucking sister with the cane. It's MINE. It's my sister and I'll worry if I want to. So fucking there.
And if THAT'S not bad enough .....

Sanjaya is STILL on American Idol. Am I the only one who sees the similarity to Leif Garrett? Perhaps Leif's Bollywood Love Child? Things that make you go hmmm.......

I'm going to bed.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're having such a tough time. Remember that you have lots of people thinking about you and your family. And keeping you close to our hearts.

And you are completely entitled to feel the way you feel. Anytime.

pigbook1 said...

Thank you for the nice comment about my veil. It means alot that people don't just blow it off because it may not be perfect but it is what I want and it makes me feel good when others appreciate it too.
I know what you mean about your sister. I have not gone through it but I do know that everything that happens to my sisters (I have 4) effects me as well. You are allowed to worry ok, just know that worrying only gets you so far. Donna you and your sister are in my prayers