Monday, July 16, 2007

Baby Love

I have Baby Fever, big time. Partly, it's because I'd love to have some kidlets of my own (not gonna happen) but partly because a friend asked me to whip something up for her brother & his wife. They've had their first, a lovely little princess named Yara. Princess Yara is a few months old and, up until recently, no one, not one person, gave Princess Yara anything handcrafted. Nothing. Not even one of those cute little Boo Boo bunnies that simply everyone gets. This simply would NOT do. Princess Yara needed handknits.

So I began. I started with the Pinwheel Blanket. Unbelievable as it sounds, I mucked it up. I missed a bunch of yarn overs (yarn overs are a lot like cops - when you need them, they're no where to be found. When you positively absolutely don't want one coming around, they're everywhere. BaHH!) Anyway, it's headed for the Frog Pond. Next, came the inevitable baby knit, Baby Surprise Jacket. Done in cream & trimmed in a nice red, I think it's going to be gorgeous this winter. I whipped up a quickie pair of socks in some Online Caribic #733 I had that matched it perfectly.

After the sweater, I just HAD to make Princess Yara some summer knits, as well. This time, it was Bernat Cottontots in LimeBerry & Koolade that saved the day. I made CivilBitch's Striped Halter which was so much FUN to make. I am definitely adding this to my baby outfit repertoire! It was easy and the finished product was adorable. I did some baby pants using Ms CraftyGalore's Soaker Pattern (they're not a true soaker as they're cotton and not wool but they turned out adorable anyway!)- super fast and they turned out perfectly. And, the topper, Children's Cotton Hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I used a slightly larger gauge, added a slight ruffle and, voila, had a sunhat. I love how this set just came together:

I have this urge to whip up some more of those halters, although the next time I think I might crochet an edging rather than knit the ruffle. That dang ruffle took almost as much time to knit as the whole halter did! Oy, such is a ruffle.

**sigh** I just love looking at these cute lil ole thangs.


tana said...

I'm with you on the baby knits. All the garments I've knitted (ok, 2) have been for bebe. I don't have children. I don't want children. I love em though and I love knitting for them! The clothes are so cute! Plus I love the fact that once outgrown, the mom will lovingly pack the knit up and put it in a cedar chest for safekeeping. (I know, I'm full of my own stuff).

Ms.Crazy said...

I just have a question how did you put a pic on your profile?

Ms.Crazy said...

Thank you for answering my question and high five to polar bears!