Thursday, January 06, 2011

Two Years Since I've Blogged....

and I'm still making socks.
In this case, I'm making with the Bacon. Bacon colorway that is. Excuse the crappy cell phone pic - my camera is somewhere...I just don't know where.

The yarn is from Holiday Yarns in the "Bacon" colorway. And y' looks just like freakin' bacon. I am not kidding. I would NOT kid about pork fat love. Making these for my Peep, the chef. I'm using the Roger Sock (Ravelry Link) pattern by Anne Hanson. The pattern practically screams Bacon!! just like that annoying commercial. Katie will absolutely love them once they're done. The yarn makes a nice squishy sock but whhooo boy is it skinny. I'm having to use a US size 0 for these and it's making things move a little slowly. A great colorway but I think I'll stick to something a wee bit heavier from now on.

A short post considering it's my 1st one in sooo long but I've had a lot going on in the last 2 years and not all of it good so I'm starting with the happy easy stuff .... socks.

(P.S. I tried originally to post this using MobileBlogger and my cellphone just to see if it would work and it didn't. Color me surprised).

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Tracy said...

I smell BACON! jk, but the socks are cute and they do look like bacon! I don't think I will ever have the patience to do socks, but I can dream.