Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Knitting Meet Up

Tomorrow I go to my very first Knitting Meet Up tomorrow. Is it just a little bit sad that I'm incredibly excited about it? I can hardly wait! I met 2 members of the Meetup @ the Modular Knitting class that I had taken @ AC Moore a while ago but the meeting night always conflicted with LOST ok, ok, I know I'm more than sad...I'm pathetisad. Or is it pathetique? Either way, my life is boring....on the up side, I'm knitting my ass off (oh how I wish that were true! My ass is the size of Cleveland) & loving every second of it. I am just finishing up the Surfer Girl Halter Top in this month's issue of Creative Knitting. I did it in Bernat Camoflage Outback and it only looks a little white trashy. I'll post pics once it's all blocked.

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