Wednesday, February 07, 2007

One Sock Two Sock Three Sock - 28 Socks??

Well dear reader it's been since before Christmas since I posted - lots has gone on:
1. Christmas has come & gone. Thank God THAT'S over. It so wasn't worth all the stress.
2. I'm now a statistic. My fluffy self is now officially a Type II Diabetic. Let's not discuss just yet. Still a VERY sore subject with me. (and by sore I'm mostly talking about my fingers from pricking them so often).
3. I have begin working on my FIFTEENTH pair of socks. Yes, people I did say FIFTEEN PAIRS. I learned how to do them on 2 circulars over the summer. OK, so most of them were done in sprt weight & were mostly house sock kinda of things but...15 pairs of socks y'all. I'm a Sock Goddess. Tell me if I'm getting too big if a sock ego here.
4. The 15th pair of socks have been temporarily put on hold until I finish my very 1st sweater. Took yet another class last weekend - I'm 1/4 of the way through my 1st sleeve. When I can get my camera to cooperate there WILL be photos.
5. I turned 40 on January 3rd. It was NOT a happy day, especially since, with this whole Type II 'beedies thing, I couldn't have any cake. I'm still trying to make friends with 40. Right now we've got an uneasy truce - I try to forget I'm 40 and 40 just sits there & is quiet. Once in a while 40 rears its ugly head & reminds me it's still around though. This weekend I got a perm - my stylist was nice enough to point out that grey hairs get even more wiry when you perm them. Thanks Kelly. My 40 year old ass appreciates that.
6. When I was 19 I was engaged to a guy named Steven. You'll notice that I call my husband John. Ergo, I didnt marry the guy named Steven. Long story about why but suffice it to say, we broke up 21 years ago. I talked to him last in 1990. I got an email from him last month saying "Hey, what's doing, buddy" I refer you dear reader to the grey hairs I mentioned in item #5. Many of them came from his initial email. He's actually turned out to be a decent human being. How crazy is life sometimes?

That's life in my neck of the woods in 6 bullet points or less. Photos to follow tomorrow. I hope.

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Anne said...

You're not REALLY 40, you're just 20+20 ; ). Now you just have to knit more socks than your age... :D