Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lime ' Violet Very First Ever Spectacular Yarn Pr0n Exchange

OK, so I'm a day late & a dollar short seeing as sign ups closed on the 25th but ... I'm just so excited over this swappage. I've been involved in swaps before but have never been this happy to start one. Maybe it's because it's Lime n' Violet or maybe it's because my life is a little pathetisad, I dunno but ... I have a good feeling about this one. Kit (aka Dragon Celt) has done an amazing job of organizing us all & generally making it a happy thing. I'll be helping her out (read: I am a minion), getting swappee names, etc out but she's the brains behind the whole thing.

If you need a button, see here:
Just please remember to save it to your own computer first.

I'll be working on my part of the swappees when I get home from work this evening ... I can hardly wait !


pigbook1 said...

thanks for stopping by the blog. I appreciate the encouragement

pigbook1 said...

Oh I am feeling better, I miss my husband and I am fed up with my job, but i am finishing up my very first pair of sox so how could I not be happy ? :-D Thanks for the lace idea I will add it to my list.

pigbook1 said...

Ok that first comment didn't work for some reason, but I will try again
I am doing a contest for the lace hunt and you are entered just to let you know