Sunday, February 26, 2006

In Sickness & In Health

DH & I are only married 8 months ... he's my very heart & soul...and this past week we had the 1st true test of what those vows meant. Last Friday he was complaining of abdominal pain. Man that he is, he kept it from me just how MUCH pain he was truly in. Saturday was Tishy's Sweet 16 party & no way was he going to ruin it. The man stoically made it through the party preparations & the party itself, driving people home afterward & unloading all the leftovers. By Sunday morning, though, he was even worse so off to the ER we went. 13 HOURS later they admitted him. For a day & a half we heard words like "pancreatic mass" & "tumor" ....we were scared...terrified. The kids had never been without either parent before (their mother lives 2 hours away-DH has custody of both) & it was the 1st time he & I had ever faced something like this as a couple. The kids dealt OK w/it although Tishy was puking her guts up for 5 days from anxiety. My Buddy was nearing the "when is Daddy coming home" whining stage & I was just plain old scared. Final diagnosis? Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction as well as Retroperitoneal Fibrosis . Both sound ominous, horrible, etc but...not so bad it turns out. They did a teeny bit of cutting to correct the sphincter issue & a some steroids for the fibrosis. He's home, feeling better & going back to work tonight.
The good thing that came out of all of this is that we're ALL now eating healthy. We made a commitment to get rid of the junk, eat less, excercise more...all that good stuff. DH is pre-diabetic, I've got high BP, we're both in the obese category ....and I don't wanna die. So, here we are...trying to keep living. Wish us luck.

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