Sunday, February 26, 2006

Just Keep Knitting, Knitting, Knitting

So, I took this knitting clas after Christmas. I always wanted to learn how & had sort of an idea so Mom got me a lesson as a Christmas gift. I learned the basics (although the teacher only had 2 years of experience herself) and was able to make this>>>>

I'm thinking I'll felt it and either make a needle case out of it or perhaps a little bag or something. For a 1st attempt, not too bad. Thank God felting hides mistakes.

So then I decide that just doing the garter stitch is getting boring. Kinda like doing row upon row of single crochet ... I need variety. So, I head to A.C. Moore. The woman who handles their yarn department is an amazing knitter (she taught me 3 minutes flat how to hold the yarn in my LEFT hand instead of my right. BIG difference for me as I've been crocheting for 30 years & have ALWAYS held the yarn in my left hand) and she teaches all knids of knitting classes. Took that class yesterday & it was WONDERFUL. She was thorough, patient, detailed ... really went beyond what I had learned in Class #1. I'm now able to knit, purl, bind off & increase just a little bit. I even know how to correct a missed stitch. I feel invincible.....sorta. Her best advice was to just keep knitting, knitting, knitting - keep doing it over & over again. So that's what I'm doing & am working on my 1st official knitting project. To be safe, I'm making a knitted scarf again in garter but no details as it's for my secret pal over on Crochetville. I think she'll like it...the colors are wayyy cool. Let's hope the cold weather holds,'s gonna be WARM.

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Andi said...

Hi that looks great! I took up knitting for the first time after Christmas also. I am learning quick .. mistakes.. but it's fun! Keep up the great work!