Thursday, February 02, 2006

My Husband, the Yarn Enabler

I'm married to the most wonderful guy. On Monday, he took me out to lunch & then for ice cream just 'cuz. I then had a horrid day @ work & was a whole lotta grumpy when I got home. My mood changed the minute I walked into the living room & saw this.....

all for me :-). My yarns have been scattered all over the house-in plastic bags, totes, in closets & under beds. I just had nowhere to put it all & like any good addict, always wound up buying yarn I already had just because I couldn't find what I needed. He apparently has been looking for just the right thing for a while now & found this at Target. My sister now calls him "yarn enabler".

I've cleaned a bit & now it's looking MUCH nicer

Not only that, but now I can actually see and USE all my Longaberger baskets.

I was able to de-stash some because of the giant yarn clean up- I posted over at Crochetville that I had some yarns to swap & got some fast responses! JimmieLu & I worked out a great trade for most of it. I'm thrilled about it & can hardly wait to mail it all off to'll be like Christmas, only with yarn :-)


Anne said...

Wow Donna, that is a great cupboard! Your yarn looks beautiful and organized in it. DH is a good guy! :)

Jimmie Lu said...

I love my yarn and watch the amegios blog and you will see it made it into blankets for Mexico