Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Have You Ever Done It in a Public Place?

This past Saturday was WWKIP Day and we had a blast! I was watching over our LYS while the owner, my dear friend Kim, was enjoying her anniversary "down the shore". My crocheting friend, Cathy, & I decided we'd represent. We set ourselves up right out front of the shop, plugged in the iPod, turned on some Lime ' Violet and at 9:30 AM away we went (we had to change over to some Ren Faire music later on since the traffic in front of the shop drowned out L&V). Later on, some other shop regs came & KIP'd with us (hi Kris, hi Noro Kim!) and we really had a great time. We stuck it out until 1:30, when the sun & heat chased us inside. We had a BLAST!!

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