Monday, June 18, 2007

Surprise Surprise Surprise!

Baby Surprise, that is. Been working on this one for a few days now, for the newest member of the Zeiser household, one Miss Yara. I'll be seeing her Auntie Sindy in 13 days (not that I'm counting down the days until vacation or anything, ya know. I'm just saying it's 13 days is all) so I want to have it done done done! Then, maybe some socks (yeah I know I promised the Baby Sock Pattern but I royally f*cked up the toe so it will have to wait until I get back. Believe me, it ain't nuttin' but a thang). I had a little trouble finding my Zen place with EZ's pattern but I had my "aha!" moment when I found Dawn Adcock's notes. They cleared things up for me immensely and I've been using them in tandem with EZ's formula. It's made ALL the difference.

I hit the Noro Sale at my LYS on Saturday. My budget, while small (and unbeknownst to hubby, heehee), was enough to score some Iro in colorway #9:

Its current destiny is a fall shawl for me - nothing fancy, just some plain garter stitch, maybe a wee ruffle ... all for me. I loves me some Iro :-)

Been thinking on moving over to Word Press. Blogger has been giving me all kinds of trouble lately, especially with Flickr. And, since I needs my Flickr for my Ravelry I'm thinking about changing. I dunno - what's the general consensus on WP over Blogger? Leave me a comment & let me know what youse think.

By the way, did ya' notice how I slid that Ravelry comment in there, all smooth & subtle like? Oh yeah ...I am IN, baby! Addicted doesn't even begin to cover it. Jes & Casey have done such an amazing job - it's something special. If ya' haven't signed up yet and you knit and/or crochet, up NOW. Invites are getting churned out & it's only a matter of time before they're out of beta so ...go on now. Away wit ya' ...what are you still doing here?

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