Saturday, October 14, 2006

From the Mouths of Babes

In our kitchen we have a dri-erase board for notes, memos, etc. This week, inspired by reading "Welcome to the Great Mysterious" I posted what I hope to be a weekly question for our family. It's something fun & hopefully, will make us all think just little outside of the box. This week's question was:

"If you could have the ability of any animal or insect, what would it be & why?"

Danielle (age 16) and I answered it ...Brady, who is 10, also answered it. Here's our responses:

For those of you that don't read 10 year old, here's a translation of Brady's response :

Kmodo Dragon. Why? Cuz I'd be huge & be able to eat a car.

Leave it the 10 year old to be really basic & say just the right thing. Wouldnt it be a pretty cool world if some of us were huge enough to eat a car? (OMG, I just realized how HUGE my ass would be in that world!)

So....what ability do YOU wish you had?


Lorraine said...

My 7 yo DD answered, "A lizard, so I can squirt blood out of the corner of my eye." Euuuuwww! Then she changed her answer to a butterfly, so she could fly. Think I should be worried?

Donna said... long as she doesn't actually squirt the blood, I think you're safe. Then again, didnt Mothra start out as a butterfly?