Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Le Cinema (or How I Will Spend My Wednesday Night)

OK, now I know I don't have a life (although my sister Katie does tell me that, while I don't really have a life, it is life like in many ways) but how sad is it that I'm getting excited over a night of TV?
It's not sad at all when you consider the line up:

7 PM CSI Repeat (I so want to nibble Gil Grissom's umm...never mind)

8 PM Jericho (It's like the movie "The Day After" only better acting & with nummy Skeet Ulrich (I would start at his toes & stop at all the good parts)

9 PM LOST Whatmore can I say? It's LOST for goodness sakes! There's all KINDS of yummy man goodness on that show (and a question for any other LOST I nuts or is Michael Emerson just the teeniest bit hot in a creepy kinda way? I think Id nibble...but just a bit)

10 PM Project Runway - this is it - almost the last one. Oh Lord, please let that freakin' psycho Jeffrey fall on some scissors or something!

And of course, while watching all of this I'll be working on this:

Yes's a SOCK! And far far better than the 1st one I ever made. I've turned the heel & am working on gusset decreases now (I'm half through that)....I'm halfway done. I can't wait to finish it.

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Lorraine said...

Love the sock. I'm hanging on to the bitter end with Project Runway as well. The suspense is killing me. What a cliff hanger!