Monday, October 23, 2006

Sock Lessons

I can't believe it....I'm on sock #2! #1 is done & completed & I'm on the gusset of #2. There's issues on both but I can live with them since this is my 1st official pair. I'll post photos when the pair is complete.
Some things I learned while knitting these socks:

1. Double points can & will jab you under acrylic fingernails, making a bloodblister & putting a dent in the acrylic. For safety's sake (and because I don't want to pay to un-dent more acrylic fingernails) & because I just love the way the yarn slides on those cables, I adore the Socks on Circulars method. It is FUN!

2.Picking up stitches where the yarn splits is not technically picking up stitches. It is making a mess.

3. Trying to keep track of how many gusset decreases you've done whilst having a marathon conversation with Anne and Sindy is impossible. Not because I can't concentrate on decreases but because laughing too much while talking about our husbands makes it too hard to hold needles never mind count.

4. Cats love expensive sock yarn more than they love tuna & mice. Dachshunds do, too but they're easily distracted by a squeaky soccer ball from their Auntie Peep.

5. Making socks is like smoking crack. One hit & you're addicted.

6. Knitting socks in the lunchroom at work will always lead someone to believe they can either touch your work in progress with WENDY'S BURGER GREASE ON THEIR DAMN HANDS or can ask you to make them a pair. Sure....that'll be $25. Yeah. Didn't freakin' think so Burger Boy.

7. If one keeps trying ON the sock it makes it difficult to finish.

8. Continually trying on the sock makes one realize how incredibly badly a pedicure is needed & how truly icky toes look without polish.

9. Reading ahead on the sock pattern directions & getting the entire toe done & kitchener-ed before the 3rd & final sock class will give you this incredible "Oh yeah, who's yer Daddy?" kinda feeling. Sock Smugness I call it.

10. Making socks is like smoking crack. One hit & you're addicted. (OK, that was #5 but I wanted to make sure everyone realizes it. Just saying "NO" does NOT work on this stuff).


Lorraine said...

Welcome to Sock Knitters Anonymous. The first step is admitting you have a problem. However, no one here is going to try and help you stop. We're all enablers.

Anne said...

I guess I'm just weird; I'd probably pay $25 for a pair of handknitted socks! :D